The Lesson of the Labyrinth

New business owners may have a tendency to perceive that all marketing plans must be old-school to be effective. We have all heard the saying “a good product sells itself.” But how often do we forget the good in the product while reverting to a generic marketing plan? What typically results is a plan padded with extra promises that do not meet the business need or the present time reality.

We know from our good business sense that a sound and necessary product truly sells itself. The “product” can also be the values, breadth of understanding, and the personality of the service being delivered. The means to the market then becomes a wonderful unfolding of word-of-mouth recommendations, testimonials, and referrals.

What, then, are the foundational items for any small business marketing plan?

  1. Of course, word-of-mouth referrals!
  2. Participation in networking and relevant associations for visibility with peers
  3. Versatility in your product and service that will solve key issues for your clients /customers
  4. Elevating talented professionals who may complement service offerings

Solopreneurs no longer need walk the labyrinth as a rite of passage.

There are many opportunities available to scale your new business while learning about and refining your targets. Word of mouth referrals can happen through honest congratulatory remarks on LinkedIn pages to colleagues taking on a new role, moving to another company, or accepting a promotion to a new functional unit. Referrals will arrive spontaneously from former colleagues. This is the reason for participation. Everything is changing and evolving all of the time. So stay in touch!

By investing time in learning about new and interesting, say, technology, one can often find intersecting points and cross-pollinate with like minds. Associations that furnish speaking opportunities open doors to sharing your brilliance with a wider community. Sharing interesting and relevant information, as well as opening doors to collaboration, are the keys to building credibility in the long run for your business, brand, culture, and personality.

And finally, the most important thing a business can do is to focus on developing and refining an exceptional product or service that serves to address client need before the need becomes an impediment. Competition is generally over-emphasized and over-looked at the same time. It is not necessary to preoccupy oneself with who is competing in the field, but how the product and service align with the needs of the client base.

Marketing plans should be full of life and personality

Not, Step 1: Social Media Marketing. Step 2: Commence dreading the commitment to social media marketing. Step 3: File marketing plan until next year.

Marketing plans must work not only for the business but for the lifestyle and personality of the business venture. One simply cannot or will not commit to a plan that is not feasible in terms of time and responsibility.

With these foundational ideas in place, you will safely say goodbye to an old lifeless routine, and hello to a new dynamic working plan that truly fits your strategy, stage of the startup, and short and long-term goals!

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