The Internet of Things

Have you heard of the Internet of Things?

You may be happy to learn there is a stylish little acronym for the Internet of Things as well, IoT.

The IoT is described as ‘the infrastructure of the information highway.’ You may have experienced glimmerings of its real potential when first introduced to the concept of wireless connectivity. Think now of that network expanding to include physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items. All these things communicating in a infrastructure embedded with sensor technology to process data and to interact with other electronic devices.

Big Data Analytics is Trending

As a result of all this shared information, big data analytics is trending as an opportunity with virtually unlimited potential. For example, analyzing and interpreting large data sets to find patterns, preferences and trends may be especially helpful in the practice of medicine. Say, an interactive product that monitors a patients vital signs while adjusting medication infusion according to presets. This real-time monitoring process is a welcomed assist when dispensing a highly individualized protocol to a patient. And all of this happens with the help of devices communicating with one another, and big data analytics.

Curating Useful Things

In terms of business, we are quickly becoming curators of useful things and an interactive part of a diverse demographic connecting to the IoT. Many businesses are entering into the IoT to deliver not only the product but an overall experience. For example, Netflix recently introduced a prototype that allows users to control Netflix, dim lights, and order food. — Is this convenient enough for you?

An aspect of my work is to beautify and to streamline routine processes, finding a way to capture information I will need later, and knowing which items will be most useful and impactful, and to what functions. Curating the IoT involves the weighing of value, sharing, security and service metrics over the long run.

What is it for?

The journey can be either overwhelming or enlivening, depending upon the great test for all useful things: “What is it for?” and “Will I ever use it?”

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