My three-fold approach to work as an Independent Consultant and Creative.



Strategy is a clear reflection of the overall business goals. As a consultant liaison, I will strategize to achieve goals that yield better outcomes. As a result, you will benefit from both a streamlining of process and delivery.


Implementation refers to fulfilling the plan of action in the most effective and efficient manner, given time, strategy, and expertise. Your plan requires implementation by someone who both knows and can avoid unnecessary obstacles.


The term role is used to describe a position with specific duties that may have limited exposure to other business units. We describe the term function as an overall service to the bottom-line that a team player provides, implying a cohesion between function and roles.

Today, many successful businesses are run with an eye toward a more function-oriented paradigm, maximizing individual contributions. And so it is with my services. You may anticipate my part to run cohesively with your business, yielding both innovation and results.